Christina Aguilera & Lady Gaga Duet

christina-aguilera-lady-gagaAmazefuckweaselballs, something epically random happened in the final of The Voice USA yesterday. Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera sang a duet…

Yes, the supposed enemies took to the stage to sing a rendition of Lady Gaga’s duet with R-Kelly (Do What You Want).

We are fucking loving this duet, but you can tell that Christina is blates holding back on those vocals though.

With all of the supposed animosity in the past and the comparisons/sabotage rumors between the two divas *cough Perez Hilton cough* it’s quite impressive that these two ladies have brushed it all aside to share the stage together.

R-Kelly who?


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  1. It was enormously gracious, classy, & generous of Christina–not Gaga. Look at the timing: did Gaga reach out when Christina was being endlessly slaughtered by the media for “copying” her? No. She reaches out when she needs her declining single promoted.

    If only Gaga had done anything remotely close for her back when it counted.

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